Jens Strandberg

Jens Strandberg is best defined as “full-time-unemployed artist”. He spends most of his time in unemployment offices, claiming to be an artist, no-one believes him, he no longer believes it much himself. He sometimes goes on residency, which he sees as a holiday from unemployed life. He has developed an intense aversion to work and a rampant joy towards laziness. As a living contradiction he has decided to no longer strive to take part in an art world that does not seem to want him as its guest, instead he has shifted his focus towards rejected material, rejected people and things that tend to disappear from view. Although this lifestyle would, in societal terms, be defined as unproductive or even bad, he remains optimistic and sees this as a possibility to concentrate his efforts on unionizing as a form of therapeutic empowerment using an ever-evolving suitcase of psychological artifacts that has thoroughly been rejected by every possible funding body.