Keep turning: program med hålltider

12:00 KEEP TURNING opens. With objects by: Dave Allen, Brigitte Schwansee, Nickie Sigurdsson, Jens Strandberg and Johanna de Verdier

13:00 Bar opens

13:00 JessieBrassCollective plays one song in the barn

13:05 Jens Strandberg gives an introduction to the day, the bar and KEEP TURNING. The presentation will start in the bar on the first floor in the barn

13:30 Cassidy McKenna, Ground(ed) Gossip, workshop. Meet outside the barn

14:00 Earth cooking. The food coordination team starts preparing food. Outside the barn

15:00 Dave Allen, Thomas Elovsson, Lunchtime music performance. At the bar in the barn

16:00 JessieBrassCollective plays one song outside the barn

16:30 Grace Gloria Denis, Aural Oral, listening session of fermentation soundscapes. Aural Oral will start in the barn and move around in different spaces

18:00 Stina Nyberg, The Vulcano (Sweet), dance performance, in the barn

 19:00 JessieBrassCollective plays one song outside the barn

19:10 Communual bacteria dinner. While eating people will present material from the publication

21:00 Xiyao Chen presents Every Breath a Cosmos, music performance, inside the barn

22:00 JessieBrassCollective plays a closing song near the barn.

KEEP TURNING is supported by: Nordisk Kulturfond, Katrineholms kommun and in parts Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland

Thanks to: Tobias Bradford, Kevin Dooley, Fernando Garcia Dory, Andrew Hardwidge, Stefan Hjalmarsson, Patrik Lindgren, Adam Macchia, Alice MacKenzie, Jenny Nordberg (costume for Stina Nyberg), Pontus Pettersson, Ylva de Verdier, and MDT