Markus Weiss

Three Monkeys

„Since the early nineties I have been involved in my artistic work with the public and the public space. This interest led above all to the development of communication platforms of different shape and into curatorial activities, which often had the goal to develop a transitory dynamic, also in my employment as a curator in the small Helmhaus. I was often attracted by the reversal of the rooms or their linking, for example, the museum became a studio (Helmhaus, 1997) or vice versa (inventory, 1995/96). Time and again, my need to break out of the self-referential space of art and to work where all those people who never, or only very rarely, make contact with contemporary art, has been great. Since the year 2000 I try with my approaches to place more projects in art at the construction competitions. The  works that have been realized so far are superficially very different. What is common to all of them, however, is the attempt to work out as precisely as possible a setting for each context, which complements, extends or even questions the place.“

För Bie biennal har Weiss gjort ett verk som leker med det gamla japanska motivet med de tre aporna som „inget ser, inget hör, inget säger“. Förbudskyltarna tycks understryka den ursprungliga meningen, men den röda ramen tycks inte utgöra något hinder för aporna, kanske är förbudet förhandlingsbart.


Three monkeys 2018.
Three monkeys 2018.

Markus Weiss, född 1963, studerade konst på Högskolan för Design i Zürich efter att ha utbildat sig till lärare. Hans konst handlar huvudsakligen om det offentliga rummet. Han har vunnit ett flertal tävlingar i Zürich där han nu bor efter att ha levt länge i Genova och Paris.